Thoughts On The Sexual Assault Claims Against Andrew Cuomo

Hello people, I think we have another Jeffery Epstein. I swear these politicians be doing the most. Get this man out of office because he is a pervert. A dumb one at that because more women are coming out. Why do perverts deny so much when they know they are wrong? When you have well over two people, it’s a big problem. It’s more likely that it will be easier to get the truth out if more people have experienced the same things. One of his former assistants recalled when he asked about her sex life and if she ever hooked up with an older man. She was in her twenties at the time and didn’t know what to do. I would have been like f*** off old man because this not what you want, I would mess around and poison you on purpose (lol). Of course he denied it because it’s what they all do. I know I make jokes but I hate stuff life this because of personal experience. I have had childhood abuse by an almost 50 year old man when I was 12, so I don’t take stuff like this lightly. It’s disgusting and they can burn in hell for all I care.

Source: Sherry Vill is latest to accuse Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct | Andrew Cuomo | The Guardian

I watched part of the Jeffery Epstein Netflix documentary and I didn’t care if he was dead either. His disgusting wife should be with him. It has also been in the news that they are finally charging her with sex crimes against minors. It’s about time because she helped with it all. They showed his body after his death and tried to say that it wasn’t suicide, like that was gonna change anything. He hurt a lot of young women, made many uncomfortable and what did he do after? He paid the women to be quiet. These Cuomo cases sound similar. He is trying to solve problems in his state so people would forget but it won’t work because more women are coming out. People want him to resign as he should. He hurt a lot of women with this and his time is coming.

*Why do every pervert have a full family on the side*


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