Repercussions Are Coming And It’s War: They Will Regret What They Have Done

I am so happy that countries are trying to fix this situation. There is literally war going on in the country of Myanmar and the people are starting to flee. Everyone needs to leave and let their military kill themselves. The death toll is around 140 and it is already called a “massacre”. They are going against the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA). I don’t know who the Karen people are but I am happy that someone is taking measures. They called the Myanmar military “inhume”. They took the words right out of my mouth. There have been airstrikes back and fourth which is why people are finally leaving for their safety. The airstrikes against the KNLA has killed one Karen soldier and the KNLA has killed 10 Myanmar soldiers. They also took eight of the Myanmar soldiers captive. Yes, get them all because they are all to blame.

Source: Myanmar airstrikes cause thousands to flee across Thailand border | Global development | The Guardian

The Biden Administration is also taking lead. They are talking about parting trade ways which would end all trade between the two countries if they don’t end. So far they have suspended all diplomatic trade with the country. Why is this military doing this? They are causing so many problems with this already poor country. Their leaders need to improve the poverty problem but they only worry about themselves. I never understood why a country that is poor would spend billions on weapons but not their people. Just selfishness and egos but I bet they live good and sleep at night. I wonder what the KNLA military are gonna do to the captive soldiers. It’s funny that I am thinking of the worst (lol). If this don’t end, I hope more close countries invade. What is gonna happen after this is over? There is no way that this general can lead. He is not worthy of the position. None of those soldiers aren’t either. After watching that video of real people getting shot in the back with real bullets, I wish someone would bomb that entire military and the police. That was one of the most inhumane things I have witnessed.

Thailand is across from Myanmar I believe and people are fleeing that way. Thailand have also talked about the shame that the Myanmar military as brought. Thailand have set up refugee camps and expect around 10,000 people. Thank god someone is getting these people to safety. Parents and children are hiking and taking boats to make this journey. It’s so sad that all this happened, and they had to leave their homes. Especially during a pandemic. May god be with them while they are traveling to safety. I liked talking about this because it was so horrifying and more people should do something about it. I’m just happy people are trying to do something now. I will continue to blog about this until it ends.

Source: Thousands flee Burma airstrikes, complicating crisis | Fox News


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  1. FYI: “Ethnic Guerrillas Give Ultimatum To Myanmar’s Military Junta”,

    We hope and pray for peace and common sense/common decency prevail over the current crisis in Myanmar asap. And we hope the international community help to end the violence there asap.

    May Lord GOD stop the violence/killing and may the people of Myanmar live in peace and in prosperity. Thank you, Lord GOD. Amen!

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