It’s Worse Than I Thought: Myanmar Killing’s

I just got through watching the news and I was so afraid for those people. The people of Burma are literally fighting against their military. The military is suppose to protect you, not kill you. I can’t believe what I saw just now. I saw the military riding down the street shooting people. I watched someone die today. It was three young boys and the military started shooting at them. They started running and the last boy got shot well over six times and fell to the ground. That is so heartbreaking! People were crying, screaming for their loved ones and no one can do anything. What is this and what do they want. I feel like they are doing all of this to take over that country.

Sources: U.S. ‘horrified’ by Myanmar violence, Blinken says after bloodiest day since military coup (

What can we do? I am not near that country but I am happy that other countries are listening. America ,Japan, Germany, and the UK have said that they were disgusted by their actions and it needs to come to an end. I just can’t believe that they are murdering innocent people. I wanna cry because I can’t even imagine that feeling. Running for you life, literally. Running from the people who are suppose to protect you. Those are not protectors, they are cold blooded killers. The number of deaths are well over 100 now and they are only rising. There has to be some kind of friendship with another country that can help them. Someone need to send a bigger army because the killings won’t stop until someone stop them.

I hear that protesters went back to protesting in the streets. I say good for them because it will only make the military and police look worse. There will be more violence because of it but more people are watching and I believe that something will happen to resolve this. These people are risking their lives because they don’t want to live under a military. This so call military wants to keep a dictatorship and the people want a democracy. I never understood why someone would want to take advantage of innocent people. Hopefully there is a end soon and these people can rest because I know they are tired and mourning. People in Texas are going to the streets to bring awareness to this issues and it’s amazing. Everyone needs to talk about it and just then, maybe someone will help those people because they are dying too young. #rejectmilitarycoup

Source: Texas’ Burmese communities rally in Austin against Myanmar killing (

The disgusting so call police force (They are short murders)


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