Shame On Their Military: Grief And Fear For The Country “Burma”

I will try to explain things from my point of view. I have a lot of thoughts on this because it’s sad and innocent people including children are dying. They are referring to their military as “A day of shame”. This reminds me a little of the Belarus protest but this is different because of the people leading, or should I say “murdering”. Last time I read, the leader was a woman named “Aung San Suu Kyi”, but now the military is in control and it is a whole mess. That woman have been through a lot and a lot of international people looked down on her because she did nothing to stop rapes and murders. She is still big in her country and everyone is still protesting. I have never heard about a country that has the military leader run everything. They are completely dishonoring their uniform. Thy don’t deserve to be in those suits.

Around 93 people so far have been killed by police and soldiers during protests. Many of the people were innocent bystanders including a one year old baby who was shot in the eye after being near the military themselves. What is this? This is not okay. A lot of little children are being harmed and children are being killed. Ever since the military got power, they have killed over 300 people. I would just call them murders at this point. People around the world including leaders are condemning their military and they should. In a country, if it’s not war, you don’t see the military killing people. You usually wouldn’t see them in the streets either. It’s weird because I have a feeling about something and it’s scary. I didn’t want to refer to this as a Hitler situation because that was completely evil but hear me out. This military general took power and let his guys take over their country and kill innocent people. I am not saying he his is Hitler but this man is evil and needs to be stopped.

Source: Myanmar coup: What is happening and why? – BBC News

This evil general is named “Min Aung Hlaing”. It’s sad because people are only protesting for freedom and fair votes. When things like this happen, protests will last longer. All they do is arrest protesters for standing up for themselves and something has to change. To have all this going on during a pandemic will just start something worse. Is this WW3 or the end because everyone is either killing or getting killed. This isn’t my country thankfully, but I feel so sorry for those people. I hope people continue to talk about this because it is a crisis. No one should have to die for freedom but you always have the evil side. This military is not a military. I have a gut feeling they took over because they never wanted a woman to lead. Men have a strong abilities and it happens everywhere. This isn’t the first time when a man tried to get a woman out of power.

This world will never get better if we keep killing people. This just shows that there are some evil people in this world. Young people getting taken away at such a young age. Children getting shot just because they were in the way. Is there no one above their military? I don’t now if they understand that this not a war, these are fellow citizens. It’s so sad that it came to this and who knows how long this will last. Their military should be ashamed by their actions and they all should be arrested. I just hope there is hope but I don’t know because it so bad there. Only if they had a real leader.

Source: Myanmar coup: What is happening and why? – BBC News

Source: “A day of terror and dishonour”: Myanmar forces kill dozens of people, including children, in what may be deadliest day since coup – CBS News

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