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How/Why Did I Choose My College

I don’t think I ever talked about why I chose the school I am currently attending. When I was in high school I talked to my guidance counselor and she helped me. I attended a two year before I transferred. The two year was a good choice for me because the goal was for me to get all my scores and grades up. They are also one of the schools with a 2+2 program. This program is amazing because it allows you to take half of the classes at a two year and the rest at a four year. Once you transfer you should be a junior. It really helped me because I was struggling in high school and I never though that I would get accepted to a four year but look at me now.

I looked at many colleges that worked with my two year school before transferring. There were a lot of them. I thought of my major, so I checked what programs and opportunities they had with that major. I toured the school around three times because I was also in trio which is another great program to help you succeed. After touring, I looked at the housing and prices because I have to be comfortable. Ever since I started college, I have never had a public bathroom (lol). I don’t do public anything so I got lucky. Being comfortable is important because you are with strangers. Those are the reasons why I chose my school. You should take tours and check everything.

(Photo by Matt Cashore)

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