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10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I know I blog a lot but there are a lot things that you wouldn’t know about me. It’s funny when I talk to people because everyone thinks I am rude until I talk. I still think it’s crazy that people get judged because of a permanent face they have (lol). I have a habit of mean mugging because it’s comfortable but I am working on it. I just smile more :). Let’s get to it…

  1. I Am 5’9– You would never know because I only show my top half but I am tall. I love it and I embrace it. There is nothing wrong with being tall. You can reach things easily and long legs look amazing in clothes.
  2. I Am A Major Introvert– I love to be alone. I can’t stay home for too long because I will eventually get annoyed (lol). I get annoyed because I like to listen to music alone in my dorm and blog. This is why I can’t wait to get my own apartment. Family is still nice to be with (lol).
  3. I Need To Talk– This is funny because I am a huge introvert. Don’t get me wrong, I can be quiet but I still love to talk. I like to talk but also be in peace. When I am near people, I love to talk which is why people get surprised because I don’t look like I would be so talkative. I love to talk about my blog and the news. The reason I like to blog is because I get to tell you all everything I am thinking. Maybe I need to actually be serious and start a YouTube.
  4. I Listen To K-pop And Just Started Reading Web Comics-I love K-pop but not too much. I am not obsessed but I do enjoy it. My favorite groups and single artists are…Mamamoo, Seventeen, Got7, Twice, Dream Catcher, Ateez, Chungha, Sunmi, and IU. Chungha and Hwasa from Mamamoo are my forever favorites. I also read a couple of comics and I am really enjoying them. There are some crazy but very intriguing stories.
  5. I Am Now Obsessed With Anthropology– Ever since I changed my major, I have been loving it. I have learned many things and I cannot wait to get into my career. This world is amazing and there are many secrets. I found out so many things from this class. It’s my all time favorite. I also talk to my family about anthropology so I know they are tired of me (lol).
  6. I Am A Major Feminist– From some of my post, you would say that I might be one. I am proud feminist. I believe in everything they stand for. I have been through things that make me this way. I love women empowerment and I hate it when a man tries to make rules for women. The best example is the abortion laws. I don’t think that men should be in any of that because they don’t know.
  7. I Am A Vegan But I Am A Dairy Cheater– I am ashamed (lol) but I am fixing it. I don’t drink regular milk or anything. It’s cheese, yogurt and ice cream. I don’t eat much ice cream but vegan ice cream is so expensive. I do love vegan ice cream but I still love ben and jerry’s ice cream. If they have vegan ice cream then I need to find it. Vegan cheese taste so different than regular cheese but I am ok with it. I am a working progress.
  8. I Have Major OCD– I have been dealing with this for over 10 years. It started because of a traumatic incident in my childhood and it only got worse. It’s not that bad but I have a habit of touching everything which isn’t good during covid (lol). I also hate dry hands and I hate dirty things.
  9. I Want To Travel To Every Anthropology/Archaeology Museum– I want to visit these museums to see the artifacts. I want to see a real mummy in a coffin as well. I think that I would be even more excited to work in these fields.
  10. I Love Old Vintage Things– I am starting a collection of vintage items. I love the things that were made back then. I think because everything was so unique, it looked amazing. I recently ordered a 1934 telephone. I received it two days ago and I cannot believe I was holding it. It is not that heavy but it’s a lot of metal and it looks like something the royals would use. It was $70 worth it. I like pirate items such as vintage compasses and scopes. I love to go to antique stores and I want a full collection. I like Victorian houses because it has charm plus it looks interesting. I don’t think I would ever be bored.

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