Immature College Students: “FOMO” As They Claim

The funniest thing about the pandemic is how immature, messy, and ridiculous people are. There have been many complaints world wide due to college parties and now spring break. Everyone is complaining that spring break is a time for partying so they deserve it. Umm, do you see what is happening around you. I honestly don’t understand these people. I call them stupid because there is a virus and everyone be clumped together and maskless. In Miami, everyone be stuck together outside. Younger people can’t take anything serious and it is definitely showing. Recently in Miami, two young men drugged a woman, raped her and she ended up dying. They gave a “pill”. This goes to show that you can’t have fun with just anyone. This pandemic is making everyone crazy and there is so much going on. Even though college students know this is happening, they claim that they have “FOMO” (Fear of missing out). Shut up and get a education.

I don’t know if it’s just because I am an introvert but I am not a party person. I don’t want anyone too close to me (lol). I am not a big drinker. I can have one drink and I might not finish it. I like to have a good time with my close friends and we are all responsible. I am not a fan of getting sloppy wasted and not knowing where you are. I can’t get with it and I don’t want to clean anything. Maybe it’s because I am a junior, but I am so focused on getting a master’s degree right now. I have no time for games and partying. I don’t play about covid, the situation in America is scary. There is so much death here and it just makes you wanna stay in. You can call me boring but I am working toward a real goal, so mind your business. I like my normal livers so I am good with the drinking.

I am not calling all students immature. College isn’t about partying. FOMO is the dumbest saying. Shut up and handle your business. Stop whining about not having a spring break because if you get covid, you will be crying. I am just so annoyed that covid isn’t going away and it’s reasons like these that covid will never go away. I am not trying to be judgy but the news is getting on my nerves because cases are still going up. We have over 30 million cases and almost 545 thousand deaths in America. It may feel like it’s over but it’s not. We are still wearing masks which tells you that it’s not fully safe. Be safe and be responsible. It’s not worth being irresponsible during a pandemic. I can’t say much because these are adults just like I am. Like I always say, have all the fun you want. Just don’t cry if you catch anything.

Source: Neighbors say SDSU off-campus parties are out of control |


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