Grocery Shopping In College: How To Save Money

I am a “ok” grocery shopper. I hate shopping for food because it takes too long but I do what I have to do. If you stay on campus then you might not have to shop that much. There is another side. Those who don’t have a meal plan and live on and off campus. Being a broke college student sucks because you have to manage your money, especially if you are not working. This is why you have to find discounts and coupons. These can save you lots of money if you need to save. Everyone loves to save money.

My favorite store is Kroger because they have a lot of deals. Their products are better too. I wish I could shop at Whole Foods every week but it’s too expensive, so that’s not happening. The best way to grocery shop in college is to write down everything. Never go to the store without a list and always calculate the amount before checking out. You do this by using a calculator. I calculate my groceries every time I shop. Another tip is to write down a nice amount for food so that you don’t go over that amount. I always put 5 dollars on my calculator so that I will never go over my intended amount. It helps you manage and it works. Also, don’t pick the most expensive items. Cheaper items are always available.

Grocery shopping on a budget can be easy if you take your time and manage your finances. Coupons are your best friend so use them and save your money. Were broke students, so we need all the money we can get. If you say your not broke but have student loans, then your broke (lol).


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