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Favorite Meal From “Three Fold”

It is not easy to find restaurants that have vegan and vegetarian options. Three fold is my favorite restaurant and I always get the same thing. They are the only place that I have found that actually sells delicious tofu dumplings. My order below is pan fried tofu dumplings and a tofu salad wit shredded slaw. The salad comes with three sauces and I always make my orders medium spicy. It not too spicy so it’s perfect. It comes with fresh spring greens, their signature slaws, pickled veggies, cilantro, a tea-scented egg, house dressing and your choice of protein (I chose tofu). The dumplings are pan fried and filled with tofu and veggies. I add extra cilantro and extra pickled veggies. You don’t need any sauce because they are not dry and not too juicy. I eat this so much which isn’t a bad thing but I never wanna try anything new because it’s so delicious. I promise to try new things because they have so many vegan and vegetarian options. The food here taste so delicious and so fresh.

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