Why Can’t Anyone Fix The Immigration Border Crisis *Breakdown*

This is the #1 issue right now in America beside the covid pandemic. I have a lot to say about this because I have been watching the news all day about this issue. I have done my research and watched many videos that angered me. I am gonna talk about it all because this issue is insane because it has been going on for so long. I listened to some republicans views on all this and I can say that I agreed with a lot. I am not a republican. I am not a democrat. I am apart of something else that doesn’t exist because everyone gets on my nerves with the laws they make. I would say that I am apart of the green party because I want peace. I will talk about the Kamala Harris video which is bringing up many problems connecting with this topic (Why would she laugh). I will talk about our President Joe Biden who is doing absolutely nothing about this crisis. All he is doing is making laws and I can’t get behind him anymore. I am gonna talk about Ted Cruz, who had a lot to say about the democrats. I agreed with everything he said but I don’t agree with his beliefs. He has a lot of enemies but he was talking some truth. Why can’t anyone fix this problem? Why won’t Biden allow journalist and the news cast to visit?


There are thousands of immigrants stuck together in detention centers. It’s getting cramped, they are on floors, they are sleeping with foil blankets, and nothing is getting fixed. Joe Biden talk about this crisis during his Presidential Debate. I watched every debate and he was talking a lot. He even sold me because it sounded like he could fix it. The Joe Biden administration refused to allow cameras and news people to visit. Why? What are they hiding? Ted Cruz said that the news people were allowed during Donald Trump and Barack Obama Presidential runs.

Source: Photos of immigrant children at Texas detention center highlight Biden admin’s border secrecy | KTLA

First of all, this has been going on way too long. Second, why do everyone place blame on one another. Why can’t everyone just work together to fix the problem? The picture that I am pretty sure that someone snuck looks like a dog pound. They are just stuck there with what looks like plastic everywhere to split people up. It looks really bad and I believe everyone in the government, white house and capitol should be blamed. This is a inhumane crisis. What is the problem with cameras? If you really wanted to help these people like you said, you would let the cameras capture it. Biden is being widely criticized which he should. He made a lot of laws and I am happy he sent out stimulus checks but this detention center is more important. Use the money to fix this problem, like you said. I new it was bad but it is beyond bad now. Democrats place blame on Trump and Trump blamed Obama. ???? Obama had a lot to deal with in his presidential run. No one can deny that. He was fixing the problems from George W. Bush presidential run and he had to deal with ISIS. I also blame Trump because he really didn’t do anything. He claimed that he had everything under control but he was the one that left 700 immigrant children parentless. I am blaming Biden also because he is the President now and he hasn’t visited or did anything but talk. Unfortunately this is his problem now.


This is where she messed up “BIG”. She was asked if her and Biden would visit the detention center to handle the crisis and she laughed. I would say it was a nervous laugh but she should have never done that because it went down the wrong turn and back fired badly. A lot of news journalist, senators and other people are saying that she was disrespecting these people who are stuck there. Another problem she is facing, is not saluting the military. They called it a disgrace which it is. She is in hot water and I don’t think she even knew (I bet she knows now). In the video, she said that she didn’t know when they would visit the center, which is why I think she nervous laughed. A lot of republican said that the laughed showed that nothing was being done and she didn’t know how to answer. She could have just said “soon”. That would be better that laughing. She did that to herself.

Source: Kamala Harris’ laughing answer to border question sparks backlash | Fox News


This man has strong opinions and is a major republican with many beliefs. Like I said before, he has beliefs that I don’t agree with but that is him. He is a major Trump supporter and believed that Trump election was rigged. He worked with Trump and other Presidents so he has seen a lot. I won’t get into that but I want to say that everything he said about the immigration crisis was true. He blames Joe Biden for not doing anything yet. He says that since Biden won’t let the journalist in, it is just showing that nothing is getting fixed. Many people hate him but he has some good points. Why isn’t this issue getting worked on? Why are they prolonging the situation? He claims that this is a humanity problem and I agreed. He went on a rant about Kamala Harris laughing in the video, claiming that she was basically laughing in those people faces. I agreed because imagine being one of those detained people and watching her laughing basically saying “I don’t know”. He also had a lot of views on gun violence, and so much more. Woo! This man is very driven to make his statement clear and I respect that.

Source: Cruz presses Biden on media access for border tour | TheHill

My Personal Thoughts

This is a issue that could have been fixed early I believed. I am talking about way before Obama. It didn’t have to get this bad. I think at some point, everyone just stopped focusing on it. Trump tried to build the wall which was stupid because it is undone and more people are risking their lives to come over here just to get caught. Kamala and Joe has a lot of backlash and I don’t know what they will do. She should have never laughed because it has her getting a lot of hate. She didn’t salute the the military, geez! Girl, get it together. They need to visit and let the camera over there so people can see what is happening. At least make the place livable with beds and not have these children sleeping on floors. Like I said before, everyone is to blame.

Source: Cruz blasts Dems for ‘ridiculous theater’ in calls for gun control after shootings | Fox News

Immigration Detention Center


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