Best Places To Study On Campus

The goal of studying on campus is to be comfortable in the environment you are in. You don’t want it to be crowded or loud. Some people can study when it’s loud but I can’t. I find it best to study in different places because your mind doesn’t get tired of the same thing. My favorite place to study is in the business building. On my campus, the business building is the nicest to me. It’s huge and there are many glass study sound proof rooms. It’s a long walk from my dorm room but it is worth it because it’s nice and cozy. I go to Starbucks, order a caramel mocha and study for hours. There are other places to study that can make you perform better not just on test, but in your everyday life.

  • Library– Everyone studies in the library because there are quiet sections. They also have rooms you can sign out to study in.
  • Student Center– The student center has quiet places to study but they also have great hangouts for study groups. It’s a place where you can study and be social.
  • Outside– When it’s cool outside and you need to study, find a table outside and study. Studying outside can feel good and you can study with people. Sit on tables, around them, or on the ground.
  • Your Room– You can always study in your room but make sure you move around so you don’t get tired. Start studying and walking around.
  • Any Building On Campus– Every building on campus has study lounges and computer labs. Pick one to study in. Take some snacks, headphones and study.


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