Why Are Black People Targeting Asians

This is a big problem for me. I have seen a couple of cases about this and a new one today. A black man attacked an Asian woman in NYC. She was holding up a Anti-Asian violence sign when he attacked her. They got the idiot in videos and he even took full bodied pictures but he was wearing a mask. Too bad that didn’t help because they caught him and charged him. Yesterday a black man attack an older Asian man on the subway and the outcome was bloody on the face. The Asian man was badly beaten, and for what. The day before, two black women were charged for coughing purposely at an Asian uber driver. Disgusting and stupid is what they were. They are calling these hate crimes which they are. I am a little lost because I don’t understand.

Source: Woman of Asian descent assaulted in NYC on her way to protest anti-Asian violence (nbcnews.com)

My problem is, why are black people attacking Asian people. I could only think of the pandemic which should not happen. The issue for me is that black people talk about hate crimes and then pull this (not everyone). The incidents between white and black people are hate crimes, but why would a black person attack an Asian person. I can only think of ignorance and because they are following other people. We are suppose to be bigger than that. We black people don’t commit hate crimes. They happen so much which is why we protest. We are suppose to be above that. I was completely thrown off because of these incidents. I really think this is disgusting because they are just showing their true selves. I don’t claim these people at all. This should not be happening whatsoever.

I do know that these racist allegations started when the pandemic arrived in America. It was getting bad an people here were blaming Asian Americans and were refusing to eat from their restaurants. To be honest, they should’ve been started protesting but I’m glad they did. They should stick up for themselves. Especially after the spa incident. It’s a big problem. I still can’t believe I am seeing black people attacking Asians. They are a disgrace to my race. #StopAsianHate


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