Will The Virus Wave End Any Time Soon

This virus has been here since last year and since then, it has only gotten worse. Why? The reason that there will never be an end is because everyone don’t listen. America has the most cases and it seems like it’s getting better but we are far from it. We are almost at 30 million cases and 541 thousand deaths. Europe has entered lockdown and their third wave. Other countries are also locking down again. This is what happens when people get to excited and stop caring. Some are even worried about spring break and because of that, Miami closed off roads so no one can enter.

Source: Europe’s third coronavirus wave has arrived (cnbc.com)

I think if we stayed in lockdown longer, it could have been getting better. If not lockdown, they should keep the clubs and restaurants closed because it’s too risky. Yes, everyone needs to keep their business open but at the same time their is a contagious virus. How about they stop sending bills for a while so that people can save their money if they aren’t working. This government is no help financially. They sent out two stimulus checks but people still have kids and bills. All they do is tax people, forcing them to waste their stimulus.

This virus wave will not end until we get serious. You have the people who take it serious and those who act like they need to travel and party 24/7. Those who survived covid take it serious now which is good but there are many people who don’t. The only reason everyone isn’t taking it serious is because they haven’t caught anything. If we want this dangerous wave to end, we have to work together. It’s the only way. I don’t even know if it’s ending because new stuff keep coming.


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