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Can Colleges Go Back To Normal For The Fall Semester

Who else is tired of zoom classes? I am but I have no choice. I honestly don’t think it will work because of the populations. The only way we can go back is if they split classes up because college can have over 200 people in class. That is just not possible. We will still need to wear masks because the virus is still here. If that’s the case then what’s the point if we can still catch it. It’s not logical and this could be the start of another wave in America. We all hate online classes but we have to think of our lives first. I don’t understand why they are even announcing these things when it’s still bad out there.

If we want to go back to classes then we need to keep the same protocols like skipping seats. I do agree that nursing students need to be in person because they need hands on experience. Same goes for all science classes with labs. I think they will come up with another plan for classes with over 30 students because its too much of a risk. I don’t want the vaccine but they should at least wait until everyone is vaccinated.

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