Why Don’t Some People Believe In Evolution

Evolution is a change of characteristics in different species over several generations. When you look at any living thing including ourselves, you must think that they have come from somewhere. I learned more about evolution in all my biology classes and even more in my anthropology class. I believe in evolution because there is so much evidence. I also believe that every living thing have ancestors which is apart of evolution. You also can’t put down people who don’t believe.

If you don’t believe in evolution, prove it then. Science has come a long way which allows us to see even more in the past. We can reconstruct bones and prove even more dates of certain time periods. I find people who think evolution is false interesting. They would probably say, why can’t you see evolution happening. If you look far back in history, there are many photos of what those people look like. When I say those people, I am talking about “Homo Sapiens, Homo Erectus, and Neanderthals”. These are ancestors of us. Fun fact, Neanderthals are not our ancestors but they are our cousins.

If you look at the skulls of these people, you can see the differences. Over time, the skull evolved and eventually you got us. We are Homo Sapiens and no other human specie had a chin except us. That is something called evolution. Everyone has their own opinion of how life transitioned. If you don’t believe then that is your opinion. It’s crazy how people who don’t believe, argue so much about it. There are people who dropped my anthropology class because they didn’t agree. The point of science is to let you know. You have to be willing to listen at least. Everything isn’t true but that is called a theory or hypothesis. This is why scientist take the time to find the answers. The point of life is to figure it out. Don’t dismiss something if you don’t know much about it.


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