The Cave People (Neanderthals) Were Not Stupid

Neanderthals, also known as cave people were a big part of evolution. For as long as I could remember, they have been referred to as stupid, idiots, dumb, slow, etc. These people were not dumb at all. You have to remember the time period they were in. Compared to modern times, they should be called survivors. The time period they were in had many changes. This was the start of a sign of communication. Neanderthals is what I call “street smart”. They knew how to live in cold climates, fight animals and they were great hunters.

Another cool fact is that these people had bigger brains than we currently have. Our brain size is 1350 cc and their brain size were 1450cc. Now, that doesn’t automatically say that they were smarter but what if. It doesn’t mean they are stupid either. If they were in the 21st century and could speak, could they be smarter than us? The thing that humans have become good at over time is judging. I wouldn’t call anyone in those time periods dumb because we couldn’t do it. All we have are weapons and that’s it. Neanderthals were the first species to be found in different continents which is why you might have their DNA. That is a true thing and about a decade ago, the national geographic channel partnered with ancestry to find out if people do have their DNA. We come from people who did similar things as them. If you are calling them stupid then we must be stupid. I would never call people from thousands of years ago a negative word because that was a completely different time period. These people were smart, strong, courageous and down right survivors.


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