Why Won’t The Vatican Accept The LGBTQ Community

*Read with an open mind. Everyone has there own beliefs and I am not religious what so ever so don’t get offended by anything I say*

The bible states that same sex is a sin. Even though times have changed and people are finally doing what they want, there are just some things that will never change (unfortunately). I wanted to talk about this because it’s all over the news. The crazy thing is that the Pope wants to accept these people but the Vatican does not. They don’t believe in it and they think it’s a sin. The Vatican is exactly 515 years old, so there is a lot of history there. I am not religious at all because of my personal opinions so I will be saying things that I think. For example, I do not believe in the Pope. It sounds so disrespectful but I am not Catholic and I don’t believe in what they say. It has been like that for a while now for me. I don’t believe what anyone says in church either. They repeat things from the bible to make you believe them. I just think differently. The whole thing about shunning gay people is insane to me. Even though I don’t believe, I don’t put down anyone beliefs. We all have our own beliefs.

Source: Vatican says it will not bless same-sex unions, calling homosexuality a ‘sin’ and a ‘choice’ – CNN

I am not apart of the LGBTQ community but I support them. Who knows what we are suppose to do. The Pope met with people who are attracted to the same sex, and they were excited to be apart of the church. These are gay Catholics, so why can’t they get the same treatment as anyone else. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith wrote “God “does not and cannot bless sin”. How do you know that? Did you talk to God? Did he talk back? This is just how I think. I believe we were all put here to see what we can create out of nothing. The thing with all of these preachers, pastors, and other holy figures is that they act like they have clean records. If you go exactly by the bible, it’s not easy. Everyone sins and these people act like they have no shadows. That’s interesting because Priests have a high number of sexual assault incidents, with the same sex, just saying. Yes! Young boys. They did the worst of the sins to a child and then they go back to work after, and talk about how they love God.

Everyone is not perfect (obviously), so why can’t they accept these people. If they are perfect, I guess they waited for marriage to have sex, did no type of drinking and drugs, never been rude, never dated multiple people, never lied, never thought of a woman in a sexual way until marriage, etc. I completely disagree with what the Vatican is saying. You have transgendered people who are born different, so they might feel uncomfortable because they know that they are different. You can’t judge them for the way they were born. The Pope said the exact same thing. He said “who am I to judge”. That s true, who is anyone to judge”.

I sound very angry but I have my opinions. I believe everyone should do what they want which is why I don’t care for religions. I find it crazy that people get killed over a religion. I don’t disagree that the bible is fake or anything but over the pasts thousands years, the bible has been changed. If you believe every bible is the real one then you are crazy. The reason I don’t go to church is because they just talk. In my head, all I hear is people trying to change your ways. The LGBTQ community should be able to go to church if they want and be protected. They shouldn’t be judged because it’s their lives and not yours. Who are you to judge? Who are they to judge? Who are any of us to judge? This is another example of how strong religion is. It will forever be a controversy because it will never end.

*This was just my personal opinion, so take it with an open mind, and believe in whatever you want to believe in*

BTW: Even though I am not a believer, I still want to visit (lol). It’s a beautiful palace and I am curious.

Source: How to read Pope Francis’ message of love for LGBTQ people (opinion) – CNN


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