Why Is Domestic Violence Taken Lightly By The Law

Do you know how long it takes for a police officer to arrive at a domestic violence property? I timed this after witnessing it. It took the police around 15 minutes to arrive and this is when the abuser was still in the house. What! In all serious cases, do you know what can happen in 15 minutes? Anything can happen and it could end with someone in an ambulance. The police don’t take it too serious and that’s the problem. They choose serious problems depending on the problem which is not right. Everyone’s life is worth living. You want safety, you want to be away, you want to not be in that situation but then all they say is file paper work. Arrest them! It’s that simple.

No one ever takes it serious until someone winds up dead and that is when the regret hits. The reason it is so bad is because these men will come back and do something. They will threaten your life and all you can do is file a restraining order. This is so sad and heartbreaking to think there is no end to this situation. The world needs to focus on this more because there are a lot cases that don’t end well. Families are broken up because of this. It is never the victim’s fault. In a relationship, no one should ever put their hands on someone. Have some respect for the one you love. This is a big problem and it will never be solved, so sad.


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