Why Do Men Beat Their Wives / Girlfriends

Men, they’re bigger and strong (sometimes). If we are speaking for the entire world, the percent is very high. In countries like Mexico, India, and places in South America, beating women is common unfortunately. In America, domestic violence is the most common in married couples. According to the Washington post, there are over 30,000 domestic cases that leads to death. Why? There are many reason to why this might happen. It shouldn’t happen but like I said in my recent post, you can never trust who you are with. Especially if you haven’t known that person for that long. There are three main types of domestic violence…

Physical, Sexual, and Emotional

From my research, the most popular reason for violence against women is jealousy. Jealousy makes people do crazy things. The top allegation is always the men accusing the women of cheating or looking to cute. I believe it’s an ego thing. They are not one with themselves with makes them act out. It’s shallow and it’s dangerous. Men take their anger out in many ways such as hitting, weapon violence, rape, and much more. I have never had any of this happen but I have recently witness an incident.

These men are set out to control their women because they know that they can overpower them. That makes them weak and immature. These are boys, not men. I refer this to how things were back in the day because men use to be allowed to beat their wives and partners. Yes, the women who cooked their meals and the women who take care of the family are getting beat (so sad). After you hit a woman, she may forgive you out of fear but there is nothing that will ever go back to normal. She will remember that forever and eventually she will get even. There are some who will file charges but that doesn’t always work. It’s sad that you can’t even be safe with the one you love.

Men beat their partners because they are weak. They have no one else to take their problems out on so they take it out on their partners. They are trying to scare the victim into staying in fear. Usually these cases lasts for so long before something happens because it’s not easy. There is usually stalking involved and eventually some may come to weapon violence. They act all bad but in front of a cop they act like the victim. It’s weird and that is not normal. The anger is so back and forth with abusers that it makes them look crazy, which they are.

Interesting Stories of Abusers: Men tell Oprah why they beat the women they love – CNN.com

Women should take self defense classes to protect themselves. Get a gun if you have violent partner or a obsessive partner. Hire a personal detective that works undercover to take care of it. Hire a hitman if it gets real bad (that is what I would do). Why should women put up with this crap? They didn’t do anything but love this messed up man. Something needs to happen because these abusive men aren’t normal. That is a psychological problem which they need to seek therapy for but they won’t because of there ego. Everything falls back on their childhood, which is why you have to be careful. Let me say this…

*Love is amazing, but you should never let your guard down. You don’t have your partners mind and emotion, so you never know what they are thinking. Anyone can become an abuser but only the real men actually take care of a woman*

*I personally believe that emotional abuse is the worse because it mentally sticks with you forever*

Source: Understanding Domestic Abusers: Gender and Intimate Partner Violence – Gender and domestic abuse – NYS OPDV


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