Is Technology Ruining Humanity

Technology has come a long way from the past. Some can argue that the world is better because of technology and others might disagree. I believe that we had some great minds and technology has become a way to figure out a lot of things we never knew. I like technology but it can be too much at times. Technology is the future but it can also be the end to many other things. I liked how they did things back in the day because it was more interesting. Technology makes things go faster but without so much tech, people actually worked and had an adventure. We still have much to explore but people are so caught up with the wrong things that it never happens.

The world is becoming too tech for me. I am not a fan and the perfect example is the new workout mirror. That thing look so futuristic and that is a problem. Younger generations are getting sunken into technology and it’s ruining their images. That is where cyber bullying come in. There is a thing called too much technology. It’s good to create these things but I think we are losing ourselves into the progress. Why? There is just too much going on at once. Everyone only cares about money and technology. It has gotten worse and since there is so much technology, global warming is increasing. These tech companies are just more industrial buildings which is not good. What is gonna happen in the future?

We have robots, self driven cars, virtual reality, and more. The future really will look like the show “futurama” soon.


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