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Fear Of Living Alone

Living alone has it perks but there is a scary side. I don’t have to explain much because we all think the same. There is a paranoid side because you are alone. I am in a different city, going to college and I live in a single dorm on campus. I have a roommate who has another room across from me so I don’t know if I can say I am alone. She barely stay here because she leaves to go home so much. I am basically alone over here. I am referring to those who live in their own place. I can’t wait to buy my first apartment because I love peace and quiet. It would be such a milestone once I get my own place. Everything seems fine until the thought of me actually living alone kicks in.

I don’t hate the darkness but I can get paranoid. I think anyone can become paranoid if they think they heard something. This happens to me a lot in my dorm, but I keep having to remember that other people stay on the floor above. When I am alone, I become paranoid that someone is here. Not my roommate but a stranger. That is why I hate hearing small creaks and noises. When I live alone, I will probably never empty the trash at night. I don’t like leaving at night unless I am going somewhere. I think about kidnaps, murder and everything else that is bad. It’s all because of the true crime I listen to. The good thing is that I am aware of my surroundings.

Women are the ones who are more afraid and that is obvious. Incidents involving women are more likely to happen. This is why I will be taking self defense classes and I am getting a dog. It’s funny because I am acting like something is out to get me but it’s just my feelings. You can have crazy neighbors spying on you, people stalking you, strangers finding out where you live, and so much more. Living alone has it perks but you can never be too careful. It’s all about safety.

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