Can People With Different Religious and Cultural Beliefs Live Together

*I will first start off by saying that this is only my opinion. I am not religious whatsoever so I am not judging anyone else’s beliefs*

Religion is one of those things that people take very serious. There are many beliefs in the world but have you ever thought of what would happen if different religious groups stayed together. There are probably a lot of people like this but when I picture it, it’s different. I picture people debating a lot about current news and everyday life. Even if I was religious, I wouldn’t judge anyone else for what they believe in. This has been a thing for a while (getting judged for what you believe in). If you think deep and hard, would it be possible? With the way the world is today, I don’t think so.

I saw a story in the news after Joe Biden won the election and this was when everyone was whining about Trump. In one household there was a wife who supported Trump and a husband who supported Biden and did not respect Trump. They talked about how they had arguments and debated a lot. I would honestly be too stressed for that. That isn’t religious but it is something they believe in. I feel like it’s harder outside of America and I say this because there are more groups outside. For example, the Paris Muslim incident. They have a big religious problem right now, so I couldn’t imagine people intergrading there. I may be wrong but the news shows a lot things.

Lets just say that this happens a lot, then wouldn’t this be a big thing. This should happen. People with different religious backgrounds coming together could be a big change for the world. Since I am not religious, I never understood why people take it so serious. I never understood why someone would judge another for their beliefs. Religion is a big controversy because there are so many. No one will ever be on the same page because that’s just life. Unfortunately, everyone will forever be judge by another person because of it.


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