What Make People Believe In Conspiracy Theories And Myths

Conspiracy theories are real issues that sound unbelievable but might also be true. The crazier the better. For example, the most talked about theory is the 9/11 attack. Many people including myself believe that the government covered up a lot to save themselves. I am obsessed with conspiracy theories because you start to try to put the pieces together yourself. Another big conspiracy theory is area 51. Aliens are something I don’t wanna see and if they really are there and being tested on then that’s scary. It’s so crazy that people were planning to storm area 51 last year.

People believe in things for all sorts of reasons. This also goes for myth’s. The most famous is bigfoot. This one is crazy but I am not a big believer. I just don’t believe that a 7 foot ape can go unnoticed for so long. Especially with many people in the woods nowadays. Currently in Oklahoma, there is a bigfoot bounty. They must be bored or maybe they still believe. That is the fun part. Theories are good because it also shows that people don’t forget.

Why do the government hide so much? We wouldn’t have to think like this if they wouldn’t hide the truth so much. We are all the same so why do they constantly lie. The reasons that they lie are the reasons why search. There are also theories about unsolved cases of people who vanish into thin air with no trace. I listen to “Stephanie Soo” podcast and YouTube channel where she talks about many cases. There are a lot cases where it hasn’t been solved, so there are just theories.

What I found out is that a lot of theories have been made because of the higher forces such as the police force, the government, etc. If I could get the truth about one conspiracy theory, it would be about the loch ness monster. I just don’t believe it and if I got the truth that it was real, I would never enter the water again (lol).


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