Colleges Ripping Students Off With Virtual Classes

I am pretty sure everyone has asked the same thing? Why are we getting charged regular tuition rather than online tuition? That is a good question because it’s not fair. You would’ve thought that covid would have made college cheaper but it’s the opposite. It’s more expensive and they don’t care. Online classes are very different than in person classes. You don’t get they type of education you want. I know we have to do it this way because of covid but can we get some help. College stress has increased tremendously and they aren’t helping by adding more debt to us.

With virtual classes, you are suppose to interact with your professors so that it feels like a normal class. Most professors don’t lecture at all. Some won’t even respond back to you. They just give you the work. Why would you pay for that class if they won’t teach it to you? I believe these school systems take advantage of young people because many won’t look into it. We are paying too much for these classes and they know it. I took a summer class online last semester and paid about $2,000! For one class, that I got a “d” in. They should never offer online science courses like “genetics”.

Something needs to happen because it seems like we are gonna have this virus for a while. I do not wanna keep paying for online classes if they are not cut in half. They need to offer some discounts or something because the debt is just piling up. I bet this was the government’s plan so that they can continue to take control over us. All they care about is money anyway. Why should getting a education be so hard?


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