Are We Getting The Same Education With Online Classes

The answer is no. I am not a online person. I don’t do well by looking at a screen many hours of the week for studying. I seriously get tired and even more stressed. Nothing is the same and it shows in some classes. If I can’t stay awake on a zoom call because the class is boring then that is the professors fault. There are certain classes that are just boring. I hate to say it but it’s true. For me to be engaged, I need the class to be interesting, especially if it’s online. You have to make the student want to learn it, which some professors don’t. My Anthropology class is my favorite. Even though I wish it was in person, the class is still exciting online with his lectures and interactions.

At the beginning of covid when it was at the worst stage, everything was a mess. You had the nursing students learning everything online which is not good because they have to have hands on experience. Some of them said they had to switch online and do labs online. That is scary because I wouldn’t trust those people with a needle near me but it’s not their fault. I think science and math classes are the hardest online because you physically need to be taught those things. What makes it worse is that tutoring is also online. Geez, covid has ruined everything.


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