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Travel/Idea Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do in your life. I think everyone should have a bucket list because it makes life more enjoyable. There are all kinds of things to try but due to any situation, it can take a while. I have a huge bucket list. My list is exactly 8 pages and counting. I will give you some of the things on mine so that you can see what I am talking about.

My Bucket List ( Just A Couple)

  • Visit The Smithsonian Museum– I just added this to my list because of my major and I am now interested. I have seen pictures of this museum and it seems so cool. I wanna see dinosaur bones, fossils, and everything else they have.
  • Get A Full Deep Body Massage– I have never had a massage at a spa. It sounds so relaxing with hot rocks (lol). My back hurt so bad and I am gonna get one this year.
  • Stay At The Ice Hotel In Sweden– Sounds cold but it looks beautiful. How can everything be made out of ice. I have seen pictures and it is beyond beautiful. The bar is made of ice and even the beds are made of ice. I am so curious.
  • Hold A Monkey– I don’t want to adopt a monkey, I want to hold one. They are so cute! I don’t understand people who hate monkeys. These creatures are our ancestors.
  • Go To A High Tea– I don’t know where yet but I want to go. I want to act like a royal sipping on some tea and small cakes. It’s so pretty and it looks tasty.
  • See The Northern Lights– Who wouldn’t want to see this? The colors look beautiful at night, so I would love to see it in person.
  • Lay In A Bed Of Roses– They have roses fields in other countries. I swear America has nothing cool (lol). I want to take pictures laying in flowers.
  • Visit A Real Haunted House– With a tour guide obviously. I’m not stupid. I would be so scared but I also want to fill the adrenaline.
  • Visit The Winchester House– I watched this horror movie and now I have to go see it. I couldn’t believe that was real. I am a scared cat and I still wanna go.
  • Take A Train Trip– Specifically in Sweden because it is beautiful. I would honestly move to Sweden.

These were a couple of the things I wanna do. I want to see everything before I leave this earth. It’s cool to think this way so your not boring (lol). Make your list and plan on them. NOW!

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