Myth Or Not: My Thoughts On Bigfoot

Let me start off by saying that I am a huge believer in a lot of things. I believe in mermaids, aliens, and Atlantis (lol). I don’t know how I feel about bigfoot. There are many stories, Tv shows, movies, and videos related to this unknown creature. I never would have thought that I would talk about bigfoot on my blog but it’s interesting. You won’t even believe what I am about to say right now unless you look it up. There is a bigfoot bounty in Oklahoma for an amount of over 2 million dollars to capture bigfoot. Why would bigfoot be in Oklahoma, no offense. I would have thought, Florida or Savannah Georgia because of the swamps (lol).

Source: Bigfoot bounty grows to more than $2 million | State |

This pandemic is making people start all kinds of things. I feel like someone probably saw a bear standing up from a far and said it was bigfoot. Even though I say all of this, it’s still kind of cool. Not the attempt to capture it but the hunt. Why would they want to capture bigfoot? If he is real, why not just let him be. Humans ruin everything. From the weird creatures at the bottom of the sea, I can’t say that bigfoot don’t exist because who knows. I remember when they had an episode of bigfoot on lost tapes. Why does every image that supposedly was taken of bigfoot ends up blurry. Every time someone comes across an unknown creature, the picture turns out blurry. That is another reason I don’t trust 100 percent.

On the other hand, I seen the video captured of bigfoot when I was younger. The creature was very tall, hairy, and was walking through these grasslands into the woods. Why couldn’t it just be a weird white person being funny. Right after I say that, I remember from the video, how the creature was walking so normal (lol). Like, that was bigfoot. I don’t know but it’s weird. I honestly think it’s just a 7ft human like gorilla who has more brain power than other apes. That was very detailed but what can I say. Another problem I have is why would they believe it’s still alive.

I remember when I was younger and I remember that this made headlines. “Bigfoot captured”. They even made it a big deal saying that they had the body in a freezer. There was even a picture of the freezer. I know I wasn’t the only one who remember that. Will we ever know? Is it a myth or is it real? The picture below looks like…a real creature. I guess it will stay a myth until more news come out of nowhere.

The Pic of “Bigfoot” captured


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