International Women’s Day: Everyday

This is a great holiday but it should be spread out more because other countries don’t recognize it. I know this represents women all over the world but it’s sad that in other countries women still have no rights. Women fight for a lot and the reason is because nothing is fully equal. Men still make more money than us even though we both get the same training. Women are logic thinkers and without us, it would be war. Men like to fight, women like to nurture and grow. The difference is big but women can do everything a man can do.

Burger king is all in the news now after tweeting that women belong in the kitchen. I am happy they’re getting hate. They already get no customers but now they are just making it worse. I hate those men that says “women should stay in the kitchen”. Yes, let me in the kitchen so I can cook your food and poison you. It’s nothing but sexism and jealousy. They are so scared that women can be superior or even better than them, which can happen. You see how bad this planet is, this is because of men. All these leaders are men and all they do is kill and ruin their country.

New Zealand’s Prim Minister “Jacinda Ardern”, which is a woman, got her country covid free. Do you see the difference? Women think differently and focuses on what needs to be done. There are many women who got us here. Those from every race. This holiday should be everyday because it’s not enough. In other countries, they should respect women more and stop harming them. Men should stop harming women in general. This is a much needed holiday and every woman is important.


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