Anti-Maskers Are Exposing Themselves And Their Children To Danger

Why is this a thing? Why must parents ruin their children by doing something stupid? There are innocent young children who have died from covid and I guess that was not enough for them. In Idaho it seems that parents and adults are encouraging people and children to burn their mask outside their state capitol. A lot of them did it happily and I just don’t understand. I bet these are Trump supporters. The capitol gave it away. This is happening in more places and countries too. The fact that they are proudly doing this makes everyone in those videos and those who participated look so stupid. That state has over 170k cases already. They are just walking bodies with the words enter to the virus. Don’t take offense when I say this, but I am not surprised that they are white (lol). Black people don’t have the time and energy. We also value our lives. If I do see a black person, I don’t claim them (it’s just not happening). I will proudly judge them because this whole thing don’t make sense.

Source: Anti-maskers in Idaho use kids to burn masks outside capitol (

Anti-maskers and anti-covid vaccine people are two different things. Not believing in the covid vaccine is saying that they don’t believe those things are working. You can definitely argue that point but they can also back it up. Anti-maskers are wrong for certain reasons in my point. I believe they think they don’t need masks because nothing has happened to them yet. I bet you it is coming now. I hate these types of people because when you see a world wide pandemic like this and disagree with it then you just look slow. These “Karren” moms and “Trump supporters” are behind this, I bet (lol). The picture I saw just looked funny. Some of those masks that they were burning were hospital masks so it wouldn’t protect anything anyways.

Bad Parenting

Those parents embarrasses me. To let your child just be open to the virus makes them look so bad. They should have shame and guilt. Someone should call child services. If something happen to their kid, they will feel guilty. They will also hate it when they can’t go to places because you have to have a mask to go to certain places. Why do the irrelevant people always try to make a statement? When I say irrelevant, I am talking about people with dumb ideas who want to be talked about. Of course, I’m gonna talk about them because this whole thing is stupid.

They should get fined because they are putting people at risk. I honestly think it should be a crime because we are nowhere near close to ending the pandemic and things like this is just prolonging the situation. We will never end this situation if everyone isn’t on the same page, which we aren’t. When stuff like this happen and then someone ends up with covid, I wonder what doctors think. Do you think they call them idiots in their heads? I would because we all know anyone can get covid. The same thing happened when people were hosting covid parties. The most ridiculous thing I have heard resulting in many people getting and dying from covid.

The one thing all these anti mask people say is “my body, my choice”. In that case, once you get covid, don’t go to the hospital. Fix yourself with no help so you don’t waste a spot in the hospital from someone who actually needs it. I might just be evil but my gut wouldn’t want to help them. I don’t condone idiotic ideas that put others in harm. They should just feel stupid. That’s the moral of the story.


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