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Is It Worth Getting A College Degree During The Pandemic

The pandemic has changed many ways and it might change the way you think. Many people who says college isn’t for them, jump into the workforce to make money. Due the pandemic, I am pretty sure there are some people who think they might not have time for college. There is also those young people who work before thinking about college so they might start but end up dropping out because they wanna make fast money. Making money is good but there is more to it if you go to college. I am not putting down anyone who doesn’t go to college because people make sacrifices. College isn’t for everybody, even though I disagree, that is the saying. I am referring to the young people who drop out so quickly without thinking.

You can’t let the pandemic stop you from furthering your education. Like I said before, money is great but if you have an opportunity to make even more money, why would you not take the opportunity. To answer this topic, I believe it is worth going to college during this pandemic. A lot of people have passed away but you can’t let that scare you. Everything will be fine, if you stay safe and smart. There is light at the end of this tunnel, so you can’t let it scare you.

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