college Life

Planning Your Life After College

If you are currently in college then you need to listen to this. Times are tough at the moment which is why you can’t get distracted. Covid scares people into thinking that we all may end up getting it, but that is not true. If you are careful, you can still have the life you want. This is when your planner comes in handy. It’s time to plan for your life after college. You need to write what you wanna do and how you’re gonna get there.

I have a habit of planning things and I find joy in it. It’s fun to plan for the life you want. Searching up where you wanna live is so exciting. Especially if you have never lived alone. I can’t wait to buy my first apartment. That will be a milestone in my life. Until then, I am in a dorm on campus (lol). So far, I have planned my goals towards the career I want. I plan on getting a masters degree in another city after this, so that will be exciting. Covid will not stop my dreams, so don’t let it stop yours.

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