Honor Crimes: Dad Beheads Daughter In An Inhumane Way For Honor Kill

Certain countries are known for certain things. Believe it or not, there are many countries that perform honor killings. Honor Killings are murders within the family due to shame and or disgrace. It’s honestly sad and disgusting. How can someone murder just because they don’t like something? In India, a man beheaded his daughter in an honor killing because he did not like the guy she was dating. How disgusting and inhumane! Why would you allow yourself to harm your own child by murdering them? They should behead him in public to make a statement. I have never heard of honor killings before but I hear that it has been going over for a long time.

Source: Indian father arrested for allegedly beheading daughter, 17: report | Fox News

The problem with this is that they can’t seem to move on from the past. These are laws that was carried out in the old day but hey can’t seem to progress into the future. That is why the certain countries are so poor. They stay in the past and allow themselves to be kept down. The fact that this “honor killing” is even a thing should be a prime example. I feel like I am hurt because you have to put yourself in her shoes. Picture your own father trying to behead you because you did something he didn’t like. Your breath is gone because of him and he is still alive. What a shame he brought to his family and humans in general.

Source: Indian man accused of beheading teen daughter in apparent “honor killing” – CBS News

I am studying different cultures but I never agree with what they do. There are many things I don’t agree with but it’s different because this is a country with over 1 billion people. This is not a tribe, it’s a community. I can’t even believe that this happened. The dad has no regret and he even carried her head down the street. Who does that? I don’t care if it’s another country, there are too many crimes against women there. In the video he said that he locked her in the room and decapitated her head with a sharp object. OMG! How can a human be this evil? The fact that he even said that on a camera shows you he don’t care. “The body is in the room” he says. An officer was seen carrying the head inappropriately so they suspended him. There is way too much going on. This the reason women have been protesting. Do they not understand that women give birth to children. Give them respect and stop harming them. They need help.

The girl was only 17 years old. This happened yesterday! Kill that man! Throw him in hell and burn him. I don’t even want to imagine the pain she was in. I am so angry right now because it’s so inhumane. I can’t say that enough. The men in that country are disgusting. They should not be apart of the UN. All they do is dishonor one another by harming women. Many women get raped each year there. Women are constantly getting harmed and no one cares. This is getting ridiculous and that country needs to do something. The dad is going straight to hell and I hope he is happy. He ruined his family and a young girl’s life. This was unbelievable. I wanna say, I hope she rest in piece but with the way it happened, I can’t even imagine.


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