#Black History Month: Last Day And A Remembrance For Everyone Who Paved The Way

I can’t believe it’s already over. In my book, black history is everyday because we are constantly fighting. This has been a long month and I talked about a lot of people. From Claudette Colvin to Martin Luther King Jr. Everyone I mentioned have made a big impact on the civil rights movement. The civil rights movement was so big and more people are getting added to the list. These people risk their lives for a change. It shows courage and power. I wish I could have met anyone of these people because I would be moved.

Back in the day was scary but also moving. It was so mysterious and full of “why’s”. They gave me a lot to write about and I could only imagine what they would think of today’s society. Even though I couldn’t add everyone to this list, this month was dedicated to every black person, past and present. I am proud to be black and proud to have people like the great ones that I talked about, speak up for us. The color of our skin shouldn’t change anything but it does. They hated our skin but we have a lot perks. One example is that we don’t age. That saying that say “black don’t crack” is true. Our genes are strong. Another one is that we a thick full lips. No offense to anyone but we got some good lips (lol).

#BlackHistoryMonth: To honor everyone colored person fighting. We continue to thrive because we are a strong bunch. The fear they try to make us have doesn’t work. We may not be the most dominant due to size, but we are physically the dominant race. We never give up without a fight. You mess with one person, you mess with all of us. History will forever explain what they did to us and it will also explain how we got through it. We will forever remember those who we lost. Stay proud and stay black!


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