Why Everyone Should Go Dairy Free

I am gonna first say that we are not suppose to be drinking milk. As a baby you need it, but you don’t need milk growing up. Milk does absolutely nothing for your bones. That is just something that they tell you to continue to sell the product. Milk and other dairy products actually have more negative health related symptoms. Things like cancer, and heart disease are linked to milk. The only thing milk does is add unnecessary hormones to your body.

Source: Health Concerns About Dairy (pcrm.org)

When you look at kids today in public schools, everyone looks young. That is when people say “what are they putting in the milk”. That is true because everyone is short and young. It’s not right (lol). I also have my own theory about milk. My theory is that these companies put other things in the milk. If you talk to a farmer, they would say that the milk taste sweeter. People don’t really drink raw milk because of the bacteria but I know they are adding some negative things in the milk.

If you love milk, there are many dairy free milks. A lot of these milks are easier to make. I drink oat milk. Oat milk doesn’t taste weird like some people might say. I am allergic to nuts so I can’t drink many other milks. Those who can, you can drink almond milk, cashew milk, and many more milks. Choose to be dairy free.


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