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#Black History Month: A Black Woman’s Experience “Alice Allison Dunnigan”

“Alice Dunnigan” was known as the first black female journalist accredited by the Whitehouse. She was the first to travel with the President during her time. Her dream came true of being a journalist and she wanted to focus on the civil rights movement.

She worked as the chief of the Washington bureau of the Associated Negro Press during the 40’s-60’s. During her career, she was subjected to racism but she still worked hard and got noticed for her work. She worked with many Presidents during her time which showed how hard she worked. Alice Dunnigan passed away in 1983 but before she did, she received over 50 journalism awards and was inducted into the black journalist hall of fame. I would love to be a journalist. It must have been so cool to write stories back then. She will be remembered for her hard work, beauty, and creativity.

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