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Is It Hard To Be Vegan

This is a question for those who wanna to try veganism or just those who are curious. I am gonna answer from my point of view because everyone is different. It was hard at the beginning for me because I didn’t know anything about being vegan. I explained many time about how I became a vegan but I don’t regret it. I am allergic to all animal products but I chose to stop eating meat on my own and I don’t miss it. I had to do a lot of research on veganism because it’s deeper than I thought. I had to find many substitutes because I was stopping everything going into my body. I also take different vitamins such as b12 so that I get all my nutrients.

I had to find a good dairy free milk, and meat substitutes. It was easier after researching. I think it would be harder for people who just wanna try it for a while. I say this because meat eaters act like they can’t live without it. I know this because my mom does this. She would eat my vegan food, say it’s good and then say she can become a vegan and then she would say that she can’t live without meat. I ignore what she says about it now (lol). If you are thinking about becoming vegan, I recommend you to try it for a couple of days. If you try the meat substitutes, I think you would be fine. It takes a lot of guts but it’s worth it.

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