Africa Kidnapping Their Own People: Student Abductions

I have been waiting to talk about this problem because it is big. I’m not talking about your typical adduction, when they sneak up on you and take you. Let me just point out, I am not saying that abductions are a normal thing but it’s so common. These abductions are massive in Nigeria. There are people in Nigeria that are abducting children from schools and holding them for ransom. The largest and most recent one was 300 students. How do you kidnap 300 students?

The government said that they were searching for 317 girls. I would think that the government is apart of it because it doesn’t make sense. That is insane and someone needs to do something about that. Africa is a poor and scary country. I believe their own government is afraid because they can’t seem to solve the problem. Another fact is that their government and their army has been going against one another. At this point the country is helpless. They kidnap, rape, and mutilate their own people. You can argue that every country is like that but it’s not. It’s not normal for people to kidnap 300 people more than once and get away with. Since they keep getting away with it, they are gonna continue to do it.

Source: Nigeria: 42 people including students abducted last week released – CNN

I can only imagine the fear of the innocent people there. I believe that there is no hope for the people there. All they do is kill and kidnap for money, which I don’t understand because that country is the poorest. That is one scary place and someone should do something. They obviously need help and their president isn’t doing anything. These men who are doing this are monster and they are killers who are messed up in the head. They carry illegal weapons and scare little children just to take them from their families. I’m still curious about how they did this but at the same time, since they were armed, they just followed the directions. Those men are messed up in the head.

I even watched a documentary where there were armed men in that country who kidnap children and train them to kill. These children have no way of getting out which is why they need help from other countries. Maybe if more people talk about, they will try to do something. I wouldn’t even say that those men should be put in jail because African jails are weird. They need to be put down.

Source: Gunmen kidnap more than 300 schoolgirls in northwest Nigeria (


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