#Black History Month: Fist Lady Of Civil Rights “Coretta Scott King”

The month is coming to an end in approximately three days. That means I have only three more people to talk about after this amazing woman. This woman is no stranger to activism. “Coretta Scott King” was the wife of the great “Martin Luther King Jr”. That is why she was referred to as the first lady. Martin Luther King was the face of the movement and she was his wife. She wasn’t only a wife by the way. She wanted to work on his side which is why she gave up her dream of singing to move away, so he can preach.

They also had a daughter, so a lot of was going on at the time. There was so much going on through their lifetime, I don’t know how they even manage to accomplish any of this. That is why they were the best. From positive to negative, because she was the wife of Martin Luther King, she was also a target. You have to remember that he had people who hated him and were out to get him. There was a time when a white man wasn’t a fan of her husband, so he through a bomb at their front porch which caused an explosion. To think that people would really harm you and your property because they don’t like you is insane. What goes through people heads? You would think that would scare Coretta but it only made her stronger. She refused to leave her husband by himself and stayed by his side.

During this time, even the FBI was out for Martin Luther King. They wanted to mail tapes of an alleged affair he was having to his mail because they knew his wife would check the mail. Talk about messy white people. I said this once before and I will say it again, those white people didn’t have anything better to do. There are real crimes, but they choose to ruin great people who want to make a change. Even after her husband was arrested, she still stood by his side until he was released. She was put through a lot and I know she was stressed. Everything seemed hopeful until…her husband was assassinated.

What a sad day for her, and all of America. He was shot dead in cold blood by someone who wanted to ruin everything. One person ruined everything and that one person is named “James Earl Ray”. That one man ruined Coretta Scott King life forever. When stuff like this happen, it hurts but that is what makes you even strong. The love of her life and the father of her child was gone. After that tragedy, she continued to represent her husband and helped out a lot of causes. I bet some people didn’t know that she was the one to sign off on “Martin Luther King Jr Day”. This is all thanks to her. She worked for the women and the LGBT community. She was honored by many presidents and people all over.

When she passed away, her funeral was over 8 hours. Attended by 10,000 people who were there to honor her. She built the king center to honor her late husband, which she did very well. She passed away at the age of 78 from sickness. They buried her with her husband and they have a monument in the king center. I don’t know what it is but, it’s so heartbreaking to know everything she went through. Martin Luther King had the cutest nickname for his wife. He called her “Corrie”. It’s just so sad he died young and she had to continue life without him.

This woman! This woman was the legacy of women everywhere. She stuck by her husband, made a name for herself, continued their family legacy and now they are remembered every year. Her husband was taken from her at young age and she became stronger. They are together now looking down at what they have accomplished. There is still a lot of work to do but it worked. Coretta Scott King was a beautiful mother, loving wife, talented woman, civil rights activist, inspiration and someone who never gave up. She will be remembered for everything, and that is the truth.


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