The Reason Most Black Women Choose To Go Natural With Their Hair

Natural hair is so beautiful. It makes you more comfortable, confident and proud. I’m sure that a lot of women can agree with what I am about to say. When I grew up, I grew up getting perms. Perms make your hair super straight. Straighter than anything in the world (lol). When I use to get perms, it was because I styled my hair in different ways. It was a easier way to style hair because it was straight. There is no such thing as being natural with a perm. You are either natural or your not.

When you go to the beauty salon, they will perm your hair depending on the style you want. Only if you want it. Every hair salon can work with natural hair. Perming actually makes the process easier and faster. The problem with perms is that they are chemicals. I had problems with my hair breaking off when I was younger. Your hair can fall out just by a touch if you leave it on too long (lol). There is a time limit because it will start burning and you can end up with a head of sores. That’s crazy when you think about it. Lets talk about the natural hair.

Natural doesn’t mean not doing anything to your hair. It means that you are not putting chemicals into your hair that can damage it. That is why you have to be careful about bleaching hair because it can badly damage it. Hair bleach is straight chemicals which is why it’s smart to go to a professional. I haven’t tried any of these ways but I have heard that there are other ways to dye your hair a more natural way that doesn’t contain bleach. Give me some tips.

Another good thing about natural is how it makes you feel. Black women have beautiful hair and it’s so thick. You can do so much to it. I shaved off almost my whole head when my hair was breaking off and restarted. I loved my little curls. My hair would be a lot thicker and bigger but I had a habit of keeping my sides shaved. I just started letting my hair fully grow. I also love the different curl patterns that people have. There are so many ways to show off a new style with natural hair. This is why you shouldn’t judge someone who has a weave. Women can weave their whole life and then you would be surprised that they have a lot of hair underneath. Some people just like weaves, and others just don’t wanna do their hair. There is nothing wrong with that. I’m not that big fan of weaves because they annoyed me when I use to wear them. I only like wearing braids and my natural hair. Good hair is such a confidence booster.


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