Difference Between White And Black College Roommates

“I wanna first say that I am not judging anyone personally. This is just from my experience then and currently in college. Everyone is different so don’t take it personal”

Roommates can be the best part of college for some people. You get to bond with a complete stranger or with someone you already know. Everyone is different regarding personality, cleanliness, emotions, etc. I wanted to talk about white and black roommates because the differences are funny to me. Not because of the skin color but because you can truly see the difference between the two. I have had white and black roommates, so I will explain my experience.

My first ever dorm mate was black but she acted white. The town was small and barely any black people in it, so I guess she grew up there because I didn’t I came from another city. I didn’t have anything in common with this girl and now that I am saying that, I don’t know why I put her on the list (lol). I’m gonna skip her and go to the next person. Just know she was boring and I do not talk to her anymore.

My next roommate was after the first one left college. She was black and she is still to this day, my closest friend. I call her a sister. We relate on a lot of things. We talked about hair because I wanted my natural hair to look like hers. There were similarities (small) in how our families were. I said small because my family is crazy. We can talk about how we were raised. Black people tend to share these similarities as do white people. We talked about different guys we liked and why we would date outside our race or not. I’m not saying I wouldn’t, because I would. I was just curious. She loved her African style clothes which I loved because they were so cute. I would take her pictures and we would constantly inspire one another. She doesn’t talk behind people back, neither do I. Our friendship is very positive and we uplift one another. That is a real friendship.

My next roommate was white. I only got another roommate because I agreed that my last roommate should share dorms with her cousin who was nervous about college. It didn’t hurt because I ended up rooming with another close friend . I had classes with her and she was finally moving on campus and I asked if she wanted to be roommates and she agreed. I have learned a lot while rooming with her. There was nothing bad about her. I loved living with her because we would watch scary movies all night, and gossip. We constantly debated between white and black parents which was hilarious. Since we were two different people, it was interesting to learn about her family. For example, I said her mother’s spaghetti had no seasoning and she said my mother’s food was over seasoned (lol). I loved it because we were goofing around (not about the food). She was clean which is why I now understand that you can’t call everyone dirty. She was never dirty. Our dorm was always clean until we got a sweetmate. A sweetmate is someone who is in the room next to you but you all share a bathroom. The girl that moved in was white and she was disgusting.

I am talking about trash on our bathroom floor, vomit in the toilet, unflushed toilet and so much more. We were disgusted and I was like, she has no home training. There were other girls like that (white) on our floor as well. The one thing I can never do, is the hair in the drain. Black people don’t lose hair like that. No offense. We also don’t wash our hair as much as they do. There was always hair in the drains and it disgusted me so much. Black people are better to share bathrooms but they can be nasty too, don’t get me wrong. There is a difference between white and black roommates. You can connect more with your race but it’s good to get to know someone different. Everyone has habits but I have bad OCD and I refuse to do that trash on the floor and hair in the shower drain.

My current roommate is black and she is just a quiet person. We talked and found out about each others family. She also had nasty roommates. Her roommates were white as well and she too complained about the hair in the bathroom. I swear the hair can upset anyone (lol).


Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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