#Black History Month: First Black Female Nurse & First Black Teacher “Susie King Taylor”

We are talking about a woman who killed two birds with one stone during slavery. This was in the 1800’s so you can already tell where this is going. “Susie King Taylor” was born during slavery and there was no such thing as education for blacks. They forbid blacks to get an education but there were some illegal schools happening where they could go. I don’t understand the need to control on their end. It doesn’t make sense how an entire race (white) could control another race (blacks). Times were hard during this dark era but after Susie Taylor was allowed to live with her grandmother, she got an illegal education. Her slave owner allowed her to leave. Education is the key so it’s amazing that she really wanted to learn. I’m kind of curious about what they learned. Would they learn about just white people or a combination of whites and blacks before time? I say that because majority of blacks were in slavery.

Long story short, her grandmother got arrested, she returned to her mom, then moved with her uncle where she got protection. Thanks to her education, the officers were surprised and offered her a position to teach. There were 40 students that were freed blacks, who she taught to read and write. Just look how far education for us (blacks) have come. After the place she was staying was removed, she traveled and worked with the military where her first husband served. She was a nurse there but she was also teaching black soldiers to read and write.

One funny thing that happened, was that she slapped a white man. That’s funny. It seems that nothing happened after that so thank you for that. If I was there during that time, I would definitely be killed because I would go around slapping everyone silly. Susie King Taylor was a teacher, nurse and even an author. She wrote ” Reminiscences of My Life in Camp with the 33rd United States Colored Troops”. She will be remembered for helping blacks read and write. She wanted blacks to also have an education just like white people. She was a courageous woman and she will forever be remembered.


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