Just When You Think There Is Hope, The Negatives Make Their Way Through : Covid Variants

It’s crazy how bad covid got. I can’t believe I am surviving this apocalypse so far. It’s not easy either because you don’t know where it is. How is it possible that we have new things coming into this country? Last time I heard about the variants, there was only the U.K variant but now there are between 3-7 in America. The main ones in the news are the U.K, South African, and Brazil variants.

Source: South African COVID-19 variant identified in King County | king5.com

The worst part of this is that numbers were getting smaller but this could be a whole new disaster. People really need to take this serious. I am so sick of listening to news about covid because it’s not getting better. Reading about the variants today in the news has woken me even more. Thank god no variant has been spotted in Arkansas yet but I am going to be even more careful now. I think I am gonna exercise in my dorm and only walk early in the morning. Even when I go to the gym, I don’t use any equipment except the treadmill but I clean it, as do the staff after someone uses it. I mainly do cardio and jogging but I can do that outside the gym.

This virus is scary because it’s unpredictable. People can go get a check up and then catch covid. Some people who are really safe still get covid. That is why I am afraid. I heard that a woman caught covid and she never left her house. She was shocked and didn’t know how but I have an answer. Maybe she let family or friends over. I don’t think people realize just how many things you touch without knowing in a day. You can touch something then touch your clothes and then wash your hands. It would still be on your clothes when you go home. You remove that shirt and touch everything in your home. Just like that, you got covid. I said this to show how fast things happen without you knowing.

Source: COVID variants discovered in US reveal clues about virus’ evolution – ABC News (go.com)

They say that the variants don’t show much difference with the symptoms with regular covid but it can stop the covid vaccine from fully working. I have said this so many times, but I still will never understand how this happened. Life was going alright as it could’ve been, before it with south. We have to be careful so that we don’t catch anything. The virus seems like it is about to get worse but that doesn’t mean you have to be apart of that.


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