Toxic Air Pollutants Released

Just when you think things couldn’t get worse. During the snow storm, Texas had it the worse. Over 15 million people were without lights and water. During this storm, the 5 largest energy company’s released some very dangerous pollutants in the air. I am talking almost 400,000 pounds of benzene, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. This is why people keep getting sick. This is nothing new, the air quality in America is not the best. This happened because these companies released fire through their tubes so they don’t damage but they caused a bigger problem.

Source: Texas freeze led to release of tons of air pollutants as refineries shut | Reuters

In 2019, over 70 million tons of pollutants were released into the air alone. The entire world is filled with 90% of pollutants. Of course people wouldn’t talk about this because they don’t care. Toxic air can make you sick which is why half of the human population is sick yearly. Everyone always say that it’s the flu but it could just be the air. During the storm many fires happened out of nowhere and this could have easily been the problem. The sky field with smoke in Texas and it was just a mess. People loss loved ones because of this. Why was this so bad?

Source: WDI – The global distribution of air pollution (

They should talk more about air pollution because this is the air that you breathe. This can happen anywhere and you would never know that you are breathing in these chemicals. Carbon Monoxide can kill you and that is what was released. Air pollution can cause headaches, dizziness, cancers, organ damage and much more.


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