#Black History Month: The Case of “Ruby McCollum”

Black history month is for people to remember what blacks have gone through for their freedom. Everything isn’t all smiles when I am talking about people. There is always the emotional aspect of the person you are talking about once you learn what they have been through. This is why I chose to talk about “Ruby McCollum”. This case was in the early 30’s and it made me crazy to know how the system failed her because of her race. She passed from a stroke at the age of 82 but it’s what happen to her in her early days that will get you. She was charged for mudering a white doctor who was raping her so that she can have his baby. She was sent to a psychiatric facility where they performed electroshock therapy multiple times so that she can forget about her incident. It worked and unfortunately she lost her memory.

She even said that her last child was his child and that she was carrying another child of his (the doctor). All of these white people didn’t believe her and sentenced her to death by the electric chair. I don’t understand why they are so quick to put a black person to death. They will have the longest trials for white people and still not give them the death penalty. The crazy part is that this is still happening today. Her attorney’s appealed it and she was put into a psychiatric ward because she wouldn’t stop talking about what happened to her. I believe people thought that the doctor couldn’t have done it because he was white and a respected doctor. Some of the jurors were his patients so that wasn’t fair. He also was into gambling which he participated in with Ruby McCollum’s husband Sam McCollum.

Why was it so hard to believe that the doctor raped her? Her case went world wide and in the end, people blamed the judge because he ordered her to not talk to the press. She was obviously telling the truth and because of that, they used electroshock. That is so sad to the point that she lost her memory. What human would do that to a victim? I know that they knew he did it but didn’t want her to win. At least she can rest knowing that her truth came out before it got erased. I don’t believe in electroshock therapy because it’s barbaric. Why would you do that to someone? She wasn’t found mentally ill, so they were in the wrong. I blame her death on all of those white doctors, judges, and jurors. It’s heartbreaking and that is why I wrote about it. She will be remembered for having the courage to do something about the issue. Race played a big part and it shouldn’t have.

I don’t condone death unless it is justified or self defense. She shot him four times in self defense. Due to his power because of his race, overpowering her, abusing her, and raping her, I don’t care about his death. He got what he deserved. She will be remembered for everything she did. She never stopped talking about it because she knew the truth. That takes guts and power. She is a strong woman and will forever be remembered.


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