Is Vegan Food Expensive

Unfortunately this question is true. Vegan food is so much more expensive than regular food. I talked about this in another post which I will leave a link to below. There has to be a conspiracy on this because if you compare the differences, they are high. I complain every time I go to the store because I hate paying those prices.

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I believe they make vegan food more expensive because they don’t want you to go vegan. I know this is true because vegan food is nothing but plants. It doesn’t take much which shows you that this is a conspiracy. I went to Kroger yesterday because the storm ended and of course everyone was taking everything. They were trying to restock but there were a lot of people shopping at the same time. The one thing that was fully stocked was the vegan food. Do you know why? When there is a storm, you tend to stock up on food. Vegan food isn’t the thing most people go towards unless they’re vegan. I went to go pick up some frozen vegan food and I was once again stopped by the prices. I hate paying those prices but I have to buy them. I pay $5 dollars for a small bag of vegan nuggets, $5 for four small vegan patties, $6 for four corn dogs and so much more. That is insane.

The corn dog situation really hurts me. It hits me hard because a regular sized corn dog pack is $3-6. Those corn dogs are for meat eaters and they come with around 16-22 corn dogs. A big difference from four. That is unfair and they need to do something about it. I told myself that I was gonna stop buying these products but because I am in college, I try to stock up. This is why many vegans make their own food. It’s cheaper, more affordable and you can make more.

If you are new trying vegan food, you will see how expensive the food is. It will annoy you but you will buy it anyways. You will probably not stock up because it’s so expensive. This will make you wanna cook your own food which is probably the best thing to do if you wanna save money.


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