Do You Need Meat To Be Healthy

NO! That’s the quick answer. Meat gives you protein but it is not the healthiest thing. Meat has cause many health issues such as high blood pressure, heart problems, cancer, etc. People who love meat and act like they can’t live without it, will think that you need meat to be healthy. Red meat is the worse of all the meats which are the most popular meats. More detailed, pork is the most popular and the most unhealthiest meat. They try to tell you that you need meat so your diet is balanced but that’s not true. You will have better health options and better results from less meat. Better yet, no meat is even better. A pescatarian (seafood) diet is better in my opinion because you still get most of those vitamins.

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There are many ways to eat healthy without eating meat. If you really can’t live without meat, why don’t you try vegan meat. Morning star, beyond meat, and gardein are my favorite vegan brands. Beyond meat still taste like meat so I think those people who wanna try it will be ok. Meat eaters always fear of eating vegan food because they think it would taste weird. I have heard it all from it taste weird, it looks weird, and so many other comments. It’s always like that the first time. If you haven’t noticed, many people are going vegan which is a better option.

Another reason meat is becoming worse is because of covid and the other viruses. There were many problems with meat plants getting covid and them having to recall food back. Even with a few cases of bird flu. Even though it’s not in America (yet) , it still needs to be said. I talked about that in another post that I will link below. It is not worth getting sick but who am I. I am just a non meat eater who chooses not to eat meat. To answer the question, you can eat healthy without meat. Every non meat eater does it.

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