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#Black History Month: Greatest Boxer of All Time “Muhammad Ali”

Known as the greatest wrestler, “Muhammad Ali” did more than box. He played a part in the civil rights movement. Everything blew up after he was sentenced to 5 years after refusing to be drafted into the military. You have to give him his respect for that one because he has own beliefs. It’s crazy that they drafted people for the army back then. He was even named the most hated man in the country when he refused to go to the military and received many death threats. Not everyone hated him. The black community looked up to him and his bravery went national.

Ali was a black Muslim and that was another reason he didn’t go. He befriended the one and only “Malcolm X” during this time which was a good thing because Malcolm X was also Muslim. They probably shared many similarities. He was an amazing boxer but him refusing to go the military was so big. This is how he got into the civil rights movement. He had a great legacy and passed it on to his daughter. He will forever be missed and well respected.

(AP Photo/John Rooney)

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