#Black History Month: First Black Millionaire “Madam C.J Walker”

This is a woman who black women can relate to. Her goal was to promote to black women who had the hair problems that she had. She was the first black woman to become a self made millionaire so enough said there. She was amazing. I have heard from people that the point was to look like white people with their hair textures. Not even just white people but all other races have straighter hair textures. Her invention was to straighten African hair while it also nourishes it. This was because she reflected on her own hair problems. She suffered with hair baldness, dandruff, and damaged it from washing it too much.

It’s cool to see where it all started. I use to perm my hair but I stopped because I went natural. Madam C.J Walker also created the very first hot comb. The hot comb sends shivers up my spine (lol). It works but it’s so scary. Every time I got my hair hot combed, I would scrunch my neck because you never knew how close they would get to your skin. Also the smoke would burn you. Beauty hurts (lol). Madam C.J Walker opened up her businesses and it expanded to having over 20,000 employees. She trained her workers to sell the products but she also trained black women on how to build their own business, how to budget and how to be financial independent.

I admire her for all she has done, especially during her time where slavery existed. She spoke at political movements for black people, she donated to the anti-lynching fund as well. She also delivered lectures for these movements. She was making history all over the place. She was inducted into the hall of fame in New York after all this, which was necessary. Like I said before, the first of anything is a inspiration in my book. She showed how she was a boss and she will forever be remembered.


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