#Black History Month: The One And Only “Rosa Parks”

Black history months end in 11 days, so I am trying to put everyone I can get into these posts. Rosa Parks is known everywhere for her contribution to the Montgomery bus boycotts. She refused to go to the colored section of the bus because they are just seats. The interesting thing is that she was in the colored section but they wanted her to move back further. Talk about the arrogance of those people. So because of this, she was arrested and refused to ride again. I researched her legacy further than I ever did before. I never knew how far it went and everything she had done. It’s because everyone mainly talks about the bus situation.

Other than the bus, she did many things in her life. She worked with “Martin Luther King Jr” who was one of the people who suggested boycotting. It’s feels weird to see him and her in a photo together because you would never expect it or maybe that’s just me. I feel like these were the cool kids because they were on it. After the bus incident, they announced that no colored person was gonna ride the buses which made the company lose a lot of money. You know, it’s funny how they treated colored people but needed their money. I bet colored people were paying more for those bus tickets anyway. I was shocked when they wanted Rosa Parks to get off and enter through the back door. How can people be so evil? She even asked a police officer why are they being so rough and he replied, “because it’s the law”. Disgusting humans and I swear all those people are gonna or already burning in hell. Colored people had thick skin back then and there is a point when you get tired of the bullshit and have to do something about it, which they did. It ended with them integrating the buses after 381 days. She talked about how people thought she wasn’t getting up because she was too tired. She replied that she wasn’t physically tired, but she she was more mentally tired of putting up with it. A person can only take so much.

Did you know she investigated the “Emmett Till” case? To this day, that is still the most horrific, inhumane, disgusting, evil, sinister thing that has ever happened to a colored person. Other than slavery, it was just so unimaginable and Rosa Parks said it hit her hard. I still remember crying in history class because they showed the picture and explained it. I still can’t look at it and that day made me look at white people differently. Evil really rules because they weren’t found guilty of murdering a child. They will burn forever and their families can go with them. This case happened before Rosa Parks arrest for not moving and she said she thought of him because his killers were found not guilty. How heartbreaking. To be there doing that time must have felt so crazy. I can only imagine.

Her and her husband had no children and she had only one sibling who passed before her. Her mother and husband also passed before her. She was all alone until she passed away but she continued her legacy. I even heard her rent was $1,800 for an apartment. Where was she living, California? Even though her rent was so expensive, they struggled because she donated her money. She never wanted the money. She wanted the legacy and she got it. She suffered with an illness her whole life and got worse as she got older before dying of natural causes. They let her live rent free until she passed which was nice because she is “Rosa Parks”. The Rosa Parks Foundation wanted to pay her rent to let it be known that she was worth it. She did not deserve to be thrown out while she was sick. They honored her by naming a church, a highway, and a street for her. She had many grand awards and was put into the Michigan Women Hall of Fame. She even received a lot of doctorates from various colleges to honor her. She had many other awards but I wasn’t going to name them all because there are a lot of them. Wow, she was amazing.

I agree that they honored her very well. She was the first American who was not an official to have her funeral honored on capital grounds. They had her casket in the U.S Capital Rotunda where over 50,000 people got to see it and it was broadcasted on television. The funeral ceremony was 7 hours long and worth it. They even transported her casket in the bus like the one she refused to get up in. How powerful is that! I would have never imagined that. In Montgomery and Detroit, they put black ribbons on all the front seats to pay their respects and honor her. She was even transported to the church in a horse drawn carriage. They did so much which showed how important she was. There is a statue of her in the capitol and this will forever be one of the most powerful black women. She stood her ground in a time where it was dangerous. She walked along with other great ones. By the way, she befriended “Malcolm X”. I just wanted to throw that out there. She created an autobiography for young people to talk about everything that has happened and now I wanna read it. She might have not been the first black person to refuse a seat but she was the one who started the change. She will forever be remembered for her legacy, strength, beauty, and brains. We will never forget the one and only “Rosa Parks”.

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