#Black History Month: Powerful Athlete “Alice Coachman”

“Alice Coachman” was known as the first black woman to win a goal medal in the London Olympics for the high jump. She was awarded her medal by “King George VI” which is a huge deal. Growing up, she was unable to train in certain places or use equipment because of her skin color. Once again this shows you how white people wanted to ruin a black person’s self esteem and hope. Thankfully she didn’t let it get to her. Instead of using their equipment, she just ran on the dirt roads and made her own equipment to jump. Talk about dedication and the mindset.

She returned back to the USA where she was treated like the celebrity she is. They threw parades and she met “President Harry Truman”. She is an inspiration for girls anywhere because not many women were doing this back then. Black women at that. She had passion, goals, and she will be remembered.

Alice Coachman, (center), of Albany, GA., stands on the winner’s section of the Olympic podium at Wembley Stadium, Wembley, England, August 7, 1948, to receive the gold medal for winning the women’s high jump


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